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How to make Scented Candles

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Interested in learning how to create beautifully scented candles right in the comfort of your own home? Our step-by-step guide here will take you through the entire process of making scented candles from selecting the right materials to mastering the art of fragrance blending. Get ready to embark on a delightful journey of creativity and relaxation!

Step 1: Gathering Supplies

To start making scented candles, gather the following supplies: wax (such as soy wax or beeswax), candle wicks, containers, a double boiler, a thermometer, fragrance oils or essential oils, a stirring utensil, and a scale for precise measurements. Ensure you have a clean and well-ventilated workspace to work in.

 Step 2: Melting and Preparing the Wax

Melt the wax using a double boiler or a microwave. Use the thermometer to monitor the temperature and heat the wax until it reaches the recommended melting point. Remove from heat and add your desired amount of fragrance oil or essential oil, following the recommended usage guidelines. Stir gently to ensure the fragrance is evenly distributed throughout the wax.

 Step 3: Preparing the Containers and Wicks

While the wax cools slightly, prepare your containers by cleaning them and securing the candle wicks at the center. You can use wick stickers or hot glue to secure the wicks in place. Ensure the wicks are straight and centered to allow for an even burn.

 Step 4: Pouring and Setting the Candles

Slowly pour the scented wax into the prepared containers, taking care not to disturb the wicks. Leave a small gap at the top to allow for expansion during cooling. Let the candles cool and set undisturbed for several hours or overnight. Trim the wicks to approximately ¼ inch before lighting.

 Step 5: Design and Personalization

Once the candles have completely set, you can personalize them by adding decorative elements such as dried flowers, herbs, or colored wax. Consider experimenting with different colors, textures, and patterns to create unique designs that reflect your personal style.

 Step 6: Safety and Usage Tips

Always prioritize safety when using scented candles. Trim the wicks before each use to prevent excessive sooting and mushrooming. Never leave a burning candle unattended and keep them away from flammable objects. Enjoy the beautiful ambiance and fragrance your handmade scented candles bring to your space.

With this guide, you now have the knowledge and tools to make your own scented candles at home. Experiment with various fragrances, colors, and designs to create a soothing and aromatic atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the calming process of candle making and enjoy the delightful scents that fill your space.  If you don’t have the time and still love to enjoy the scent and ambiance scented candles offers, you can select from a wide range of VAUCLUSE tealight scented candles and glass scented candles.

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